The War Is Finished

Written for the artists and the spectators. There was once an artist that loved painting and who took on challenges for his amusement and pleasure. He was a perfectionist, which led people to appreciate his work as he wasn’t like the conventional artists of the time. One day while searching for inspiration on what to … More The War Is Finished

Tomorrow Always Comes

Written for the early bird and the night owl We’ve all heard our parents, elders and professors warn us that tomorrow never comes when we’ve postponed our chores, tasks or assignments. Yet despite they’re insight, the wisdom of old age and experience, we’ve always seen tomorrow to be never too late in its arrival. That’s … More Tomorrow Always Comes

The Veil Re-incarnated

Curtains, screens, coverings, privacy are the common words that come to mind when you hear the word “Veil”. However, none of this has made such an impact in recent decades compared to the latest rendition of the veil. Even though the mask has existed for a fairly long period, it was rarely considered as a … More The Veil Re-incarnated